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Dr. Jamy Antoine, BS, DC, FIPCA

Has been selected as one of the Best Chiropractic Physicians in Minnesota for 2018!


With over 16 years of experience treating patients with serious disc, spine, and neuropathy problems, board certified Dr. Jamy Antoine, BS, DC, FICPA  specializes in treating bulging discs, herniated discs, degenerative disc disease, stenosis, sciatica, and peripheral neuropathy in the Minneapolis, St. Paul area of Minnesota. Over the years, Dr. Antoine has been featured on radio, TV, and in print for his proven approach to non-surgical treatment options for serious health conditions.

Dr. Antoine has 4 children and a beautiful wife. His family is very active in their church where Dr. Antoine serves as a deacon, and his wife serves on the music team.  In his free time, he enjoys golf, fishing, and hunting.

His mission is to serve God, by serving patients suffering from severe health disorders.  He also desires those reading this would find hope in a relationship that can only come through Jesus Christ.   John 3:16


Featured In Publications, Radio & Television for his proven methods for serious disc and neuropathy (nerve) disorders.



Changing From a Traditional Chiropractic Office to a Disc Specialty Clinic

In 2010, Dr. Antoine switched his practice from a traditional Chiropractic office to a Disc Specialty Clinic after a neck MRI revealed six bulging and herniated discs in his neck. He had tried - unsuccessfully- for years - to manage and improve his neck pain using traditional chiropractic, traction, massage, and other treatments.    In 2010, he underwent specific disc therapy, and achieved remarkable results with his own spine - and has been pain-free for over eight years. Since 2010, he has helped thousands of patients regain their life and avoid surgery by using his trademarked treatment programs at the Minnesota Disc Institute. 

He is also the owner of Minnesota Neuropathy Associates - which offers specialized treatments for peripheral neuropathy  - nerve damage in the feet or hands which can lead to these symptoms:   


Watch this video of Dr. Antoine explaining our trademarked disc program at The Minnesota Disc Institute. 


Dr. Antoine and his team take great pride in providing the finest natural healing solutions for back and neck pain. Please call us at 612.254.9000 for a free consultation.

For those that have severe back pain they now have a chance to significantly improve their lifestyle. As a matter of fact, for patients who are good candidates for our program, we have up to a 92% success rate in eliminating, or substantially reducing their pain or presenting symptom(s) and helping them improve without surgery.  For patients with severe damage, our success rates can be as high as 75%. A consultation and evaluation is necessary for the Doctor to determine your acceptance into our program, along with your prognosis and expected success rate.

We encourage you to learn more about our breakthrough programs by thoroughly exploring this website. Please click on the Testimonials button to watch and read real stories of how our program has literally changed our patient’s lives. If you would like to explore whether this treatment can work for you, please call my office support staff to schedule a consultation.


The Minnesota Disc Institute

We work on healing your neck, back, and nerves naturally with our trademarked treatment programs.  We focus on severe cases of Sciatica, Degenerative Disc Disease, Spinal Stenosis, Herniated Disc,  Bulging Discs, and Peripheral Neuropathy.

We also offer very specific, chiropractic treatments to work on alignment, and posture issues that can impact spinal disc healing.  In addition, we utilize low level light therapy to speed healing, nerve stimulation therapy, massage, weight loss, clinical nutrition, and other state of the art treatments for severe health conditions. 

Spinal discs DO have built-in mechanisms for self-repair. But, your bad discs will not heal with drugs, injections, or surgery, as those treatmnts are not designed to help the disc heal.  They certainly can be useful in the appropriate situation, but long term, you need to give the discs and nerves certain things in order to allow them to heal. 

At the Minnesota Disc Institute and Minnesota Neuropathy Associates, we have special scientific programs that have been tested over and over again to work. The vast majority of our patients that come in for disc repair or with severe neuropathy pain recover quickly and are back doing the things they love. For over sixteen years we have been blessed with the opportunity to help thousands of patients that have been able to get back to living their lives again fully.

If you would like to learn more, go to our Testimonials tab listen to the many patients that have seen success with our treatment.


A History of Succes 

Many were in severe pain or were unable to work, sleep, or carry out simple daily functions. Our work is tested by tested and proven by medical research. 

We have been in practice for over 16 years specializing in severe disc, spine, and neuropathy (nerve) damage. We provide many kinds of therapeutic solutions to providing regenerative solutions that your body is capable of performing. Our history of success shows that a majority of patients that have had back surgery were simply unnecessary.

Our patients have experienced:


Real Treatments. Real Solutions. Real Living.

Your discs were designed to heal itself, and our disc programs are able to get those discs working again with proven scientific methods that have been proven to work over and over again. Just listen to those that have come through our office.

Our treatment can reverse your problem by increasing needed oxygen, nutrition, motion, and circulation to the bad disc.   A disc can become damaged through trauma, lack of exercise, , poor posture, or a pre-existing back injury. The result is that the disc begins to die and damaged tissue no longer can support the natural flow of water in and out the disc. The disc begins to wither and the fluid in the disc begins to herniate and become sensitive to movement. With our treatment, we reverse the breakdown of the disc so that it begins to bring the right nutrients back into the disc so that the disc begins to heal naturally. This process often begins to show results very quickly.

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At your first visit to The Minnesota Disc Institute we will explain the science behind how back rejuvenation works, and give you a full evaluation. We will develop a plan of non-surgical rejuvenation care that will put you on the path to be pain-free and set you on the path to healthy goals.

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Non-surgical care for severe disc disorders

Dr. Antoine discussing non-surgical care for severe disc disorders of the back and neck.

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